Nokia 3310 is not just a hone. It’s a legend. Before the times of IPhone and Androids, this was the phone that everyone had. Apart from being extremely popular, this phone is regarded as something that cannot be destroyed. There are a whole bunch of Internet memes which depict what happens when Nokia 3310 collides with different things like falling off from a spaceship thousands of years ago to wipe out the dinosaurs. Memes apart, anyone who has used the phone would attest to its unbelievable build quality. I personally have dropped it from around 30 feet and nothings happened to the phone. So, exactly how strong the phone. Can it ever be destroyed?

Cars And Water decided to test how strong is Nokia 3310 exactly? Normal hammer, knife, scratch or drop tests are useless against this beast. So, they decided to use burning ball of nickel and placed it directly on the phone. Any ideas what was the result? See for yourselves below:

Via: Cars And Water

Wow!! It took them 3 balls to get through that thing!!! Amazing!

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