India is the country with the fastest growing smart phone users in the world. However, good mobile Internet connectivity is still a major concern for  the bulk of the nation, even in big metro cities. Another major issue in India is cleanliness. There are very few dustbins in public places and not many people use them. Swach Bharat or Clean India is one of the major focus points of the current Government. Two entrepreneurs in India have come up with a novel solution to address both these issues – cleanliness and mobile Internet.  Prateek agarwal and  Raj Desai, Mumbai based entrepreneurs have tied up with MTS to develop a Garbage bin that provides users with free WiFi when they use it to dispose of the waste.  The project was  developed in association with Brandmovers India and Thinkscream .

MTS wifi Trash bin in India

Christened as “WiFi Trash Bin”, it generates a unique code when trash is dumped into the bin which can be used to access Internet over MTS’s 3G+ mobile Network.

MTS wifi Trash bin in India

A Pilot implementation of this has been done during NH7 Weekender, a music festival which generates huge amount of trash in a short period of time.  The WiFi Trash Bin was  installed at  the festival venues in Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. With the incentive of free Internet especially for people with poor mobile network on the location, it has been a huge hit with the visitors.

The Wi-Fi bin has been used by more than 10,000 people with 200 GB of data downloaded. Also across the social networks, it has reached more than 20 million people.

Watch this Video to see the bin in action.

Via: ThinkScream

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