The good ol days of being set up on an awkward date by your friends is long gone. This is the era of online dating where you have millions of dating sites catering to everyone’s needs. Now, dating online is not limited only to sociopaths or geeks. While places like Tinder or eHarmony might be a good option for most of us, there are people out there who are looking for a partner sharing a particular passion. We have some of the bizarre and weirdest dating sites on the Internet currently. From an afterlife dating site to genetics based site or from a zombie only site to site for people with herpes, we have everything. So sit back and Start the indulgence

1. Dating site for Ghosts

Even if you have died and are unable to go into light,  you still need someone special. I mean Haunting can get really lonely sometimes! So, if you’re looking for love, and you’re dead, Ghost Singles is the site for you. There are many success stories of ghosts who met here, though marriage is not an option. However, as of writing, if you are undead or a living dead like a Zombie or a Vampire, you are out of luck.

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Ghosts


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2. Furry Dating site

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For those who love dressing up as furry cartoon characters

If you like to dress up like furry cartoon characters and want someone to share your passion, this might be the site for you! Whether looking for a furry friend, long distance relationship, or a furry mate, or just people to meet up with at a furry convention, you will find it all here.

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3. A site only for Gluten free singles

In last couple of years, there has been a great deal of talk about gluten. If you feel so strongly about being gluten free, there is a perfect dating site for you. Gluten free singles  is an ideal place to find the special someone for you, gluten free!

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Gluten free singles

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4. A site for people who think they are Ugly

If you think you are the opposite of attractive, this might be the place for you. If you  are ugly ,  have a low self esteem and ready to date someone similar, Ugly Schmucks is an excellent option. This is the site designed for people who value inner beauty over outer appearance.

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Ugly People

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5. A Match for you and your Pets

If you love your pet more than anything else in this world and you want any relationship to include them, This might be a perfect solution for you. DateMyPet is one of the most well known sites in this niche.

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Pet Lovers

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6. A Match for Best looking people

Sick of finding those Ugly looking people that you commonly see on regular dating websites? If you are beautiful, attractive and desirable, you should not be wasting your time with other losers on tinder. Instead for those few beautiful people out there who are looking for a similar match online, there is a site specifically for this purpose. Beautiful People is an elite online dating dating for people looking for a beautiful partner. The site has a  peer selection voting process to decide new members in a completely democratic style.

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Good looking people

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7. Genetics based Perfect Match

If you want to leave it to genetics to find a perfect match, there are quite a few options for you. After all, love is not a coincidence, its molecular biology! SingldOut is one of the best sites that I have come across. The Signup is simple, just use your LinkedIn Id to get in (Yes LinkedIn not Facebook or twitter!).  After the signup, receive the DNA kit in a mailer. Attach your saliva sample and ship it back. Then fill in some interesting personality details and you are good to go. Find your perfect match in a scientific and professional way. This is a whole new level of compatibility and an excellent choice for today’s tech savvy professionals.

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Genetic Match making

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8. A Match for partners with STDs

If you have an STD like herpes, its impossible to find someone for you. There might be a lot of options, but very few of them with herpes and its extremely difficult to find them. You can find people with herpes at HerpesFish – a secure Herpes dating service for people with Herpes! As of writing this site has 650K members, so why not you give this a try?

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For people with Herpes

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9. Dating Site for Ghost Hunters

If you are not a ghost yet and hence not accepted in #1 on this list, but still love everything about ghosts, there is still hope for you. Supernatural Dating, founded by world renowned mentalist The Amazing Kreskin, is a site for people who love all things supernatural.

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Ghost hunters and Paranormal lovers

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10. Find your match based on your Salad Preference

If you are put off by what Salad the other person ordered on the first date, there is a perfect dating service for you. SaladMatch is a downloadable app that will assist you in finding your perfect Salad Soulmate. 

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Match based on Salad preference

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11. Find a suitable Vampire near you

If you are a Vampire and have been cursed to live an eternal life, it can get pretty lonely. You can always date a normal person, bring them home and then turn them into a Vampire. But then this creates a whole lot of other problems which you would like to avoid in this age of You tube videos and Sting operations by TV channels. So, the best option is to find existing vampires like yourself on the Internet. Vampire passions is a site only for vampires. Here you can search for Vampires  find members based on whether they are into sanguine vampirism or psychic vampirism!

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites

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12. To find travel companions to explore exotic destinations

If you love travelling and would love to have a partner with whom you can explore romantic getaways across the world, this is the perfect place for you. MissTravel is one such service matching its members around the world who are seeking travel companions.

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites

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13. Clown Love

Even though clowns looks very happy, there is often a lonely heart behind that and its not easy finding your soulmate if you are a clown. Clown dating is a niche site especially for current and past clowns who want to find another clown for dating.

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites - For Clowns

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14. Adult Diaper dating site

For those adults who still love diapers, there is a great option to find their soulmate. Diaper Mates is an excellent choice for those with this weird fetish.

Weird Dating Sites

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15. You can do better than your current partner

If you are in a relationship currently and not sure if you can do better than your current catch, you should head over to  Can Do BetterUpload you and your partner’s photo and let the other members decide who “Can Do Better”

Weirdest Niche Dating Sites

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