Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, February. The Month of Valentines’s Day, the month of Love. Valentine’s Day is the day to go all out and celebrate love. And keeping up with the celebrations, I thought why not do some Infographic on Valentines Day . I simply adore info graphics as  they are perfect match between visually and statistically appealing content. To celebrate this day, I have searched through the internet and brought you not one not 2 but 6 best Valentines day Infographic. Why? It is celebration of Love and Love comes in different shapes and sizes, and means so many things to so many people. So obviously I couldn’t have done just a single Infographic.

So What are you waiting for? Start the indulgence. 

 Valentines Day Infographic 1 : Story of Valentines Day

Valentines Day Infographic


 Valentines Day Infographic 2 : Valentines Day by numbers

Valentines Day by the Numbers


 Valentines Day Infographic 3 : Valentines Day Spending

Valentines Day Consumer Spendings


 Valentines Day Infographic 4 : The Cheapskate’s Guide To Making Valentine’s Day Plans

Cheap Valentines Day Gift


 Valentines Day Infographic 5  : Modern Man’s Guide to Valentines Day

Modern Man's Guide to Valentine's day


 Valentines Day Infographic 6 : Unknown Facts

Valentines Day unknown Facts


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