Mistakenly assuming a woman is pregnant when she’s not, is one of the most embarrassing faux pas that can be committed. Asking a large Plus size person, if they are hiding another person inside is right beside that. YouTube pranksters and best friends Bo and Matthew had long dreamed of dressing up as a single person and sneaking into a movie theater.  Last week, they finally decided to take the plunge and after various positions found the right one. Then they purchased extra large clothing and one person hid inside the plus sized shirt and pants of the other. The end result was a single extremely large person.

Two Best friends dressed as One Sneak into a Movie theater

They then went to the local theatre and easily made their way through the payment booth. The Cashier looked suspicious but could only ask “Would you like to donate to the flood relief?”

This epic Video was filmed by the pair and has gone Viral now with over 1.5 million views.


Via: Bo Johnson

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