Rape, street harassment and Victim blaming are fast becoming Norms instead of menace that they are. To Protest against Gender inequality against woman,  a young woman from Germany, has found a unique way. She is writing feminist messages on period pads and sticking it in public places all across her city.

Elone – The face behind the Movement
Feminist Messages On Period Pads

This all started with the below tweet from the user @cutequeer96

This was the first message that she used on the pads that was stuck all over the City.

Imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods
Feminist Messages On Period Pads

After this, she repeated this series of other such messages –

English Translation - My name is not baby.
Feminist Messages On Period Pads
Rapists Rape People not Outfit
Feminist Messages On Period Pads
You would look so pretty if you........ NO
Feminist Messages On Period Pads

This protest has since been gone Viral over Social networks. Off course, there have been both positive and negative feedback for her. But she isn’t deterred by negative feedback.

Feminist Messages On Period Pads - Reactions

Another user mentioned that this is waste of pads and she replied saying that she donates pads every year to homeless women in her area.

Since then, this is getting replicated across many countries in the world! Its only been a couple of days and its already making an impact. It has inspired others to take to streets in a unique and powerful way. I am sure we would see and hear some great things about this movement. We would be keeping tabs on this movement and would bring you the updates. Till then you can follow her and her project at Tumblr and Instagram.

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