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A great book with captivating storytelling and Unconventional approach on daily problems. The Book will help you in removing self limitations through some bold guidelines weaved together with some interesting real life stories. A few hours spent on this will make your life better.

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Think like a Freak Review

  •  Think Like a Freak
  • Authors: Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
  • Publisher:  William Morrow,  (May 12, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 288
  • ISBN-10: 0062218336
  • ISBN-13: 9780062218339

We are back with our Weekend Book review. This week I had already read a couple of poignant love stories, so I was looking for a Business book to try. That’s when I stumbled across “Think Like a Freak” by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. It was available just for $1.96 on Kindle, so it was virtually a  steal. For those of you, who haven’t heard about the writers, their previous work include Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics. If you haven’t read those book, I’d suggest you go ahead and read them. That will surely change the way you see a lot of things in your life.

Steven Levitt is a prize winning Economist who has unconventional take to solving daily problems. Stephen Dubner is Magazine editor with a knack for Story telling. Like their previous books, this tells you how to handle everyday conventional problems in an unconventional way – Think outside the box, if I Dare say. Now I have been a fan of Freakonomics which works amazingly in spite of its unconventional approach as it is based on a sound economic principle – Division of labor. But with this new book, I found less of economics and more of idea generation. Now, this is not necessarily as a bad thing as the Authors still make some very good points.

The authors weave together some interesting, weird, humorous and factual stories which create a blue print for you to solve the problems in an entirely unprecedented way – whatever your goal may be. Along the way, you’ll learn the secrets of a Japanese hot-dog-eating champion Takeru Kobayashi, or why Nigerian Email scams say they are from Nigeria and an interesting comparison between King Solomon (remember Mines!) and David Lee Roth, lead singer of Van Halen. Or What does a striker think when taking a spot kick during a Penalty? The most obvious choice statistically is  hitting the ball directly at Goal-keeper but then if goal-keeper catches, he will end up looking like a bigger fool.

A few Interesting takeaways . Leave behind your Moral compass because if you have already decided the outcome, then what;s the point. Or Learn to think like a child . Another Interesting takeaway is Learn to say I Don’t Know. You can actually learn a lot of things if you just admit that you don’t know something. The book is largely about self improvement through removing self limitations,  fear, and dealing with your pride. These are some of the Sandboxes that we erect around ourselves that prevent us from achieving success in life and Business

The book is not complicated but unconventional. While reading the book, read it with an open mind and you sure would be able to look at things in your daily life differently. I still wish it had more Economic principles to back it up like other books in the freak series as without that it somewhat feels like hundreds of other self help and idea generation books out there and not as a revelation like the first book was. But Again, that is me being both picky and speaking from Business side of things. Overall, it is an great read and packs a punch for a light read. A few hours spend reading on this will surely change the way you think.

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