All of us have a mental picture of our dream job. And then all of us have our first job. The chances are that the first job would be staggeringly different than our Dream job. However, like other firsts in our life, even if it is not the greatest, it is still very special. The Lessons learnt from our first job will be the solid foundation upon which our personal and professional career would be built. We present a list of things we learn at our first job. So, Sit back and start the Indulgence.


1. The feeling of being a Grown-up

Grow Up


2. The amazing feeling of your first Paycheque

Things you learn while living alone for the first time


3. Your parents are finally proud of you

Why High school crushes are best


4. The importance of People skills in your job

People Skills


5. You understand that word “Deadline” begins with a “Dead”

Deadline in Offices


6. How to Hate your Boss

hate your Boss


7. How to manage your manager

Manage your Manager


8. Use your manners – The amount of thank you and please you use in corporate life will make your Grandmother very happy

Thank You


9. Coffee is your new Best Friend

Why Growing up is Overrated

10. How to handle “impossible” tasks

Lessons learnt at the first job- how to handle impossible Tasks


11. You start taking things in life more seriously

Taking things in life Serioulsy


12. You begin to hate Mondays

Why Mondays are Worst


13. You finally understand the fuss behind Weekends



Cover : Yash Raj Films

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