One of the key factors that determine success, both in personal and professional life, is the emotional strength.  People who are emotionally strong have a strong sense of self belief and don’t resent success of others in life. Instead, they celebrate success of others and never blame luck or circumstance for anything? Do you think you are emotionally strong? Check this list to find out? Or do you think yourself as weak emotionally. Read this post on how to become an emotionally strong person.

1) They don’t feel unhappy or resent other’s success.

People who are emotionally strong don’t feel sad when others achieve success in life. Instead, they genuinely appreciate and celebrate other’s success.



2) They never stop believing in themselves no matter what the situation is

It is said that your Net worth is what you think about yourself – Not a penny more, not a penny less. When things are going good, they congratulate themselves and feel good about it. But when things don’t go their way, they still have the same self-belief to the very end.

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3) They don’t blame things on luck and circumstance

People who are emotionally strong don’t just sit around feeling sorry about their circumstances or how badly life has treated them. They don’t waste their time and energy thinking about the problem, instead they focus on how to deal with them. Life will keep hanging out lemons. It’s up to you to make lemonades.

The Harder you Work, The Luckier you Get


4) They never budge from a good challenge

Many people are unable to achieve greatness in life because they never challenge themselves. They have a fear of unknown and often back down from any challenging situation. Emotionally strong people love a good challenge and never back down from it, even though it might be an impossible situation. After all, journey is equally important as destination.

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5) They are not shy in asking others for help

When we use words like ‘strong’, it’s hard to imagine people asking for help. It is true that emotionally strong people are self-reliant and do most of the things on their own without depending on others for help. But when they need someone’s help to tackle a problem, they are not shy or ashamed of asking others for help.

Asking for help


6) They don’t hold grudges

Many times, we hold silent grudges against people who might have intentionally or unintentionally done us some harm. Emotionally strong people don’t hold grudges and know the art of moving on. Everyone has only so much time and energy, there is no point in wasting it on grudges.

Hold Grudge


7) They don’t believe in Entitlement

Universe does not owe anything to anyone. So instead of waiting for the Universe to give you what you think you’re owed, you should focus both on taking what you need and more importantly giving all that you can share.

Don't beleive in Entitlement


8) They don’t worry about pleasing everyone every time

Statistically speaking, its impossible to please everyone every time. No matter whatever you do or how hard you try, there would be some people who would always be unhappy with you. Emotionally strong people know that and instead of always worrying about how to please everyone, they do things that they think are right.

Pleasing everyone


9) They are not afraid to say NO every now and then

Saying “NO” is one of the most difficult things in the world. It might seem very simple but it is much more complicated. Emotionally strong people know that in  certain situations, it is almost necessary to say No from the beginning to avoid causing unnecessary trouble and unhappiness to everyone involved in the situation.



10)  They don’t give up trying after first “n” failures.

Emotionally strong people don’t give up so easily. Just because they failed for the first few times, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t try it next time with the same zeal and enthusiasm as the first time.

Never give up trying


11) They don’t live in the past

Emotionally strong people know the art of moving on. They don’t keep worrying about something that’s happened in the past and instead look towards the future.

Move on in life


12) They love their Life

However, good or bad their situation is, Emotionally strong people love their life. They don’t try to chart their course based on someone else’s life. If you want to be happy and emotionally strong, first learn to love you life. Good or bad, that can be changed easily, but if you don’t love your life, what’s the point?

Love yourself


13). They don’t blindly believe in Listicles like this

It’s not good for business, but do the above points really matter for you? If you are an emotionally strong person, you would’ve charted out a few points which might be useful for you and few which are completely rubbish. You have your own way of achieving emotional strength and how to use it to your advantage. Use this or any other lists like this just as a reference point, but while applying them, make sure that it is tailor made for you.

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