Animals are usually our good friends and we can learn a lot from Animals. Who doesn’t love Animal Photos.  While we do a lot of photos of dogs and cats here, this one is quite different than what we or other sites normally do. This is a collection of some real life animal photos that are so wonderfully timed and clicked, that they seem unreal. But I can assure you that these are not photo-shopped but just an example of brilliant skills of photographers.  So, what are we waiting for? Start the Indulgence

 1. Bear Hug

awesome Animal Photos

Source | (c) Katerina Plotnikova 

 2. Rock Climber Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat


3. Blue Parrot fish

awesome Animal Photos - blue Parrot Fish


4. Gerenuk

awesome Animal Photos


5. Moroccan goats

awesome Animal Photos

source | (c) Gavin Oliver/Solent News and Photo Agency

6. Axolotl – Mexican neotenic mole salamander

awesome Animal Photos

source | Flickr/ only alice

7. Cyclops Shark

awesome Animal Photos


8. Glass Winged Butterfly

Glass Winged Butterfly Amazing Picture


9. Elephants Holding Trunks

Elephants amazing clicks

source | (c) Anup Shah / IM

10. Just a dog walking in LA

Amazing Dog Photo


11. Frog

Amazing Macro Shots

source | (c) Shikhei Goh

12. Australian Peacock Spider

Australian Peacock Spider



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