So, all of us are either a Geek or know someone in our family who is a geek. Now, for the geeks out there, its not easy being in a relationship with someone. But the most difficult part comes when they have to propose someone. They have absolutely no idea how to propose a girl! Naming Fortune 500 companies or recalling  value of pie upto 20 decimal places is probably easier for them.  Remember that you cannot Crtl + Z your proposal, so you have to get it right the first time. So, read our Geek’s guide to proposing and get ready. And don’t forget to buy a ring (with biggest possible rock!). Start the Indulgence

Geek's guide to proposing


So, how was our Guide. In case you need any further inspirations, here is 7 popular celebrity proposals. May be you can do something similar when you propose

Celebrity Proposals


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