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The book tells the story of two teenagers, not fitting in with society's ideas of what normal is, battling through their lives daily. One of them is a transsexual who cannot tell this to anyone and is called a freak show. The other is a teen with troubled past who cannot control his anger. A complete page Turner, I loved every single moment on the book which is portrayed beautifully. Highly recommended for everyone as this will open your eyes to transsexulaism

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The art of being Normal Review



  • The Art of Being Normal
  • Publisher: David Fickling Books
  • Pages:
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1910200328
  • ISBN-13:  978-1910200322

We are back again with another book review for this Weekend. This was suggested to me by one of the readers on a a previous post and It was available cheaply on Kindle. So, Lets start with the review. Before this, I had never heard of this book or the Author Lisa Williamson. And the story too is bit different than what I do normally. So, I was really looking forward for reading this book. And After finishing the book, I was not disappointed.

The Art of Being Normal is Lisa Williamson’s debut Young Adult novel. The Book tells the story of 14 year old boy who has always been a girl inside. David Piper has always remained a different and kind of a freak show, as called by his classmates at school. His parents and friends think he is gay, but he is much more than that. He is a straight girl trapped in a Guy’s body. He is unable to tell this to anyone – Not his parents or his Sister. The only people he can tell are his friends – Essie and Felix and his scrapbook where he writes everything and hopes to share with his parents someday.

I wasn’t born into the right body, I have always known I was a woman

David’s loneliness and his struggle against Biology is beautifully portrayed by Lisa in the Novel which made me almost tear up. As he reaches adolescence, he external appearance is becoming more of a guy and less of a girl. He is fast loosing his skinny frame, his feet are becoming huge and ugly. He desires his mom’s curves and is distraught by the thought of stubble. His only respite is his time alone at home when he can be himself with wearing makeup and dresses. But after that, he feels like a stranger in his own Body. 

The other major protagonist in the story is Leo Denton, the new buy in school who just wants to lay low. I would not reveal any spoilers, but while reading the book, Leo’s character will give you a major surprise. He is an extremely shy guy and his character development reveled over many pages is a whole different ball game. He is a troubled teenager with anger building up inside him , which is like almost every teenager that we know, especially from troubled backgrounds.  Also, his back story is one of most realistic and haunting portrayals that will have you reach for a tissue.

The Story develops when one day Leo Sticks up for David against school bullies and an unlikely Friendship develops. As we progress over the pages further, the relationship that is built between David and Leo is touching and endearing. The story is told from the alternating first person perspective of both David and Leo and how it comes together in an unexpected way at the backdrop of tense settings. Both of them have their own struggles in life and don’t fit in a society which still has outdated societal norms.

Normal is such a stupid word. What does it even Mean?

 This is one of the few books that I have read about transgenders and this is indeed the best of them. This book demands your attention and its hard to not finish it in a single sitting. It is both funny and poignant and deals with the issue in a responsible and respectable way. This would be a brilliant read for anyone who wants to know about the life of transgenders. However, this is highly recommended for almost all young adults and teenagers as apart from opening your eyes  to the world of transgender, it covers certain other aspects of teenage life like isolation or bullying with a finesse. Its a coming of age story about embracing your true self, no matter how difficult the situation is. This is a must read for Everyone

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