We have seen lots of movies and series using the Self-destructing technology. If a message is very sensitive, it is delivered using a device which self-destructs itself after a few seconds. Who can forget Ethan hunt reading about his next mission briefing before it self-destructs and explodes.

Mission Impossible Self Destruct Glasses

Now, due to work by researchers at Xerox’s PARC, you can finally live your fantasies. The company has recently developed chips that can self-destruct on command making them completely unusable. The device has been made from glass – a modified version of corning’s glass. They recently showed the demo at a DARPA event held in St. Louis. For the Demo, a small resistor was added at the bottom of the chip to be used as the self-destruct mechanism. When heated by a laser, the entire chip will shatter to pieces. The smaller pieces will actually keep on shattering until there is nothing but a pile of dust left.

Self Destructing Chip

Via: Xerox Parc | IDG

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