A simple and emotional person who is either the most loved or most hated actor of Bollywood. The gravity-defying fight scenes, flying men, killer dialogues and those weirdo dance steps, they all make Salman Khan Bollywood’s Superstar! Whether you like him, love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore the fact that Salman Khan is the most special actor in Bollywood

1. Being Human

No, I am not referring to the  t-shirts which he seem to wear everywhere now! I am referring his act of Being human (and that too a nice, caring , kind Human). In some circles, we call this as being Looser but keeping this social and civilized, I’d just call it being Human.

Refer to KKHH. You have a nice girl ready to marry you whom you love as well. The problem is that King of romance is also after your Girl  What do you do? Do you act Dabangg and kick him in his face to spoil his Happy new year? Or you act as a nice Human and let go off the girl. Infact, You do one better – you even do the KanyaDan of the girl.

Things Salman Khan movies taught us - 1

 2. If you have a Break-Up, Don’t worry, Just clone your Girl!

When you are India’s most eligible bachelor for 20 years, you ought to have some Breakups. So what to do if you have breakup with the girl that could have been the one? Well, If the girl couldn’t become your One, why not make her Two!!! Just find a girl who looks like old love and done!!! And Salman actually did this not once but twice – Once with Aishwarya (Sneha Ullal) and then with Katrina (Zareen Khan)!!!

Things Salman Khan movies taught us

Things Salman Khan movies taught us

Salman Khan cloning his Girlfriends

Salman Khan cloning his Girlfriends

3.  Who needs an  Itch Guard when you have Towel?

Ok, ITCH!!! It is one thing that can come anytime unannounced. Now, just writing about this has made me crave for itching my ankle!!! But, I can scratch all I want as I am not in public now. I feel sorry for people reading this on their mobile devices on a metro or a Train!!!   Now, Back to Sallu Bhai, he has taught us a  great way to get rid of our itch!!! heck, its so cool, its become a signature move now. So what to do if you are shooting a song on the Beach and suddenly you have an itch. Don’t worry, use you towel for this purpose. And since this is such a wonderful idea, don’t stop at yourself, teach the same to your Co-stars as well.

Salman Khan Itch 1
Things Salman Khan movies taught us
Salman Khan Itch 3

 And then it just catches on….

Life Lessons from Salman's movie

Now, for all those saying “Ew“, remember, we are just the content curators. Never shoot the messenger!

4. Respect your Parents and other Elders

Ok, Now some serious life lessons (yes, I am not kidding!!!) One thing Salman Khan movies has taught us which will make our parents proud. Yes, This lesson is that you should always respect your elders. Take any of his movies from “Prem” era and you will see what I mean. Take Hum Saath Saath hai. This is a textbook example of showing respect towards elders. Or Hum Aapke hai Kaun-  Another good one. OR who can forget loving son(adopted) and their relationship with his parents in the Movie Baghban.


5. How to Dance like a Boss 

Ok, I am not saying Salman Khan is the best Dancer in Bollywood, but his style of dancing is simply unmatched. There is no one who can dance with various accessories and props like Salman can. Come on, How many examples you need – Towel dance, Belt dance, Pocket dance, Collar dance, Biceps dance!!!! Like it, Love it or Hate it but it is a fact that these Dance moves can only be pulled off by Bhai, otherwise someone would have done it by now, seeing how iconic and popular these are. And he taught us one very important lesson too- Dancing is all about having fun

Life Lessons from Salman's movie

Life Lessons from Salman's movie

6. Laws of Physics Don’t Apply to Everyone 

Now How many times have we seen this? When you are the “Bhai”, who cares about boring laws of physics? Those are for noobs of Bollywood! For Sallu, action means full Chappar Phad action.

Life Lessons from Salman's movie

Life Lessons from Salman's movie

7. Dosti Me No Sorry No Thank You

One More Lesson from Prem Era. The lover boy Prem in Maine Pyar Kiya taught  us the first golden rule of friendship- ‘Dosti ka ek usool hai madam- No sorry, no thank you.’ This simple and catchy way of saying such an important thing truly define what Salman’s movies are – simple and catchy, but also with a deeper meaning if you can understand it.

Life Lessons from Salman's movie

8. Once you have given your Word, stick to it


Ok, I’ll start with a confession. In one of my jobs with a Scottish manager, I have used this line to great success. Commitment to anything plus hard work and good qualities always bring success and a happy life. Once you decided to give all you best to everything that you do.  Its a very important lesson in life and presented in a way that only Salman Khan could have done it. Plus sounds really cool when you say this

Salman Khan wanted

9. Love Means Sacrifice and Her Happiness above yours

True love means sometimes you have to Let her go for her happiness. Love Means sacrifice. Who can forget Salman and Aishwarya in Hum Dil de chuke Sanam. Their chemistry and Love was simply unmatched by any other Bollywood film. Still, in the climax of the file,  It was so sad that Salman let go of Nandini (Aishwarya). In this process this dialogue became eternal – ‘Agle saat janmon tak tum Vanraj ki ho, lekin athvein janam me tum meri hogi and that time no Vanraj Vanraj please!’  And this was after he had just has one of his happiest moments when He had realized that Nandini is coming back to her. Sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter.

Hum dil de chuke sanam

10. How to wear Sunglasses properly

Admit it, you were impressed by Chulbul Pandey’s style in the Movie. He showed us that the Sun glass is actually supposed to be at the back of collar and not front!

Life Lessons from Salman's movie

11. Removing your Shirt gives you Bonus +100 Attack in a fight

This has to be in a list about Salman Khan. Before all the Wanted, Dabangg, Ek tha Tiger and other 100 blockbusters, this was the USP of Salman Khan. Even now, if you ask any common man or woman, what is one thing they know about Bhai, they will all say “He removes his shirt in all movies!!!.” Some would even say that’s what makes his movies click. I, for one, think that removing his shirt does give him certain advantages. If you have a body like Bhai, it better to fight without a Shirt. You can probably hide a revolver in your pocket, but if you have a bazooka, why hide it.

Things Salman Khan movies taught us

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