Why do we play games? To have fun and get away from our damn hard life. So, then why would anyone want to play with a toy that is so damn hard? Well, there is no correct answer.

Rubiks cube

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The Rubik’s Cube entered our collective cultural experience 40  years ago, and then it became so much more . Quietly, slowly, we started to hear the stories. Managers started using this in boardroom meetings. Kids who solved this were regarded as a genius. To be honest, I tried it once too and I can say for me it was the frustration and fear that lurked me in. Frustration of not solving this after hundreds of hours and fear of being displaced from the position of the school geek. I wasn’t the only one. It had a mystical aura that started drawing people to itself. Soon, It became much more than just a game. It was a cultural phenomenon. There were songs written about the Rubik’s Cube, Saturday Night Live skits, T-shirts, buttons, Rubik’s Cube socks and suspenders. Today,  Its probably the only toy that both a CEO and her 9 year old son can play or work with! We bring you everything you need to know about Rubik’s cube in this wonderful infograhic.


Rubik's Cube

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If the Rubik’s Cube is like life (cool metaphor, huh!) then a good life is like a good puzzle. Yes, Puzzles by definition are to be solved alone and  can be solved within the order of solitude but is more rewarding in the chaotic company of others. Yes, this puzzle is best solved with your friends.  So what are you waiting for? Go and try this as your next party game?

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