Jeans – For me it is one of the most important discovery made by man. Jeans are absolutely the best. They are casual, relaxing , low maintenance, yet they are uber cool. And to add it all, they have the best longevity of any type of clothing that I know of. If it gets old, gets torn, its even better. The only thing is off course, you should be able to fit in your pair. But even then our old faithful constantly motivates us to lost that extra couple of inches! Where else would you get such a loyal and faithful friend.

1. Its the only true Unisex Dress out there. Its only dress where both guys and girls look equally good

Jeans are the Ultimate Dress

2. It’s more comfortable than your formals but socially more accepted than your sweatpants. The perfect balance

Look Good in Jeans

Jun Sato/GC Images

3. You look super cool in them

Jeans is the Ultimate Dress


4. They never go out of fashion

Jeans never go out of fashion


5. Its a classic choice. What can go wrong with with top and blue denims?

Blue Jeans White Shirt


6.  They are not affected by age or wear and tear. They get better with age like old wine

Old Jeans are better

Getty Images

7. They is a lot to choose from –  skinny fit? Bootleg? Stretch ? high-waist? low waist? boyfriend-fit? flared? Take your pick

Types of Jeans


8. Even more options in colors

Colors in Jeans


9. They have pockets!!!

Jeans have pockets


10. And sometimes you find hidden treasures there

Hidden Treasures


11. You can sleep in them


12. Dance in them

Dancing in your Jeans


13. Or go running

Running in Jeans


14. Even when you won’t fit in them, they will motivate you to hit the gym and loose a couple of pounds

Fit into Skinny Jeans


15. You don’t need to Iron them regularly (or never!)

Roadster JEans

Roadster Life Co

16. Same goes for washing too (if you are game for it!)

Never Iron Jeans


17. You are in love with all of your pairs and cannot live without them





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