Who hasn’t used a pickup line or have pickup line used on them. They are a good ice-breaker but often cheesy pickup lines indicate that you lack the intelligence or charm to sweep someone off their feet. But this does not mean that all pickup lines would crash and burn. But off course, using cliched ones like “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?” or “I lost my number, can I have yours?” isn’t gonna help! Pickup lines are used world over and are often quite similar.  Cut Video went to different parts of the World from New Delhi to Paris to covers a slew of different pickup lines and it’s amazing. So sit back and start the indulgence.

Via: Cut Video

In case you’ve had too much of cheesy pick up lines, here is a perfect response for the next time someone uses these on you – ” I’m lactose intolerant so please keep your cheesy pick up lines away from me. ”

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