There are bad days and then there are worse days. Getting a massage at a spa is an excellent way to relieve stress and elevate your mood. However, for days when a simple masseuse might not be enough, you need a 2-tonne Animal to do the job. Enter Elephant massage.

Thailand is known worldwide for their Elephants. Millions of tourists visit Thailand every year to interact with these animals. Now, in Phuket Island, you can have these animals give you a nice relaxing massage. And that too for only the price of a handful of fruit!  A Couple were introduced to 2 elephants Lucky (age 3) and Lily (age 4) while on a vacation in Phuket. Both these Elephants live in an orphanage after they were rescued from poachers.  They are very friendly and interact with kids and others at the nearby hotel. In this amazing Video, the Lily and Lucky can be seen giving a hilarious massage.

Via: Wrona1982

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