This Dog rescue story is all the way from Russia.  In the streets of Voronezh, Russia, there was a hole in the sidewalk for weeks. A Pregnant dog found about the hole and decided to take shelter inside as it was a good den for her future puppies. However, during that time, the repair work was carried out and workers patched the hole  without realizing that the dog was inside ( I am giving them the benefit of doubt that maybe the hole was patched quickly and the dog was scared to make noise and come out). When People living nearby heard a feeble bark, they realized what had happened. But they were turned down by workers who pointed out permits, regulations and authorizations. Seeing that time is of the essence, the Man decided to take the matter in his own hands. He used a hammer to remove the bricks and sand to rescue the dog.

Via: Vadim Rustam

Amazing Story. Makes me feel good about this World.

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