We all spend a lot of time daily with our keyboards. Have you ever imagined how dirty is your keyboard? There have been few studies and one of them even claimed that it can be nastier than the lavatory seat! Yes, it’s true. On an average computer keyboards contains 7,500 bacteria per swab, while your friendly lavatory seat has much lower 5400 bacteria per swab!

The reason is pretty simple. We spent a lot of time around our keyboards and they get easily besmirched with food, germs, bacteria. And they can contain harmful bacteria like E. coli and staph! considering how often we come in contact with these keyboards, it can be a potential health hazard.

This infographic will tell you all about your Dirty keyboard and how to keep it clean. So, sit back and start the indulgence.

How Dirty is your keyboard and How to clean it

Source: Quill.com

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