Apple recently launched their latest Laptop “Macbook”.  Yes, just Macbook and no “air” or pro. Though you can say that this is an heir to the Air.

Apple Macbook 2015


 While, this is indeed a product which spans across different categories, yet distinct from anything that is currently available.  This is an incredibly thin laptop with just 13.1 mm, making it thinner than original Ipad, yet it is a full fledged laptop with keyboard and track-pad. This obviously makes us wonder that how does this stack u with other Apple products in terms of thickness over the years? Yes, not just laptops and tablets but all the major Apple Products have thinned over the years. So what are we waiting for? Start the Indulgence.

Apple Products have thinned over the years

via: Mashable

 Bonus Video: The New MacBook Reveal

via: Apple

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