Homecoming Videos are the best. The raw emotions in these videos never fail to reduce us to happy tears. This homecoming Video is extra special. This is the story of Emma welcoming her Dad, an Airman, home after 6 months.

Emma was born with a defect called Polyradiculitis from toxoplasmosis infection in utero. Melissa and her husband, long-term foster parents for SNARR-a special needs animal rescue, adopted Emma and she has been living with them since. Despite being partially paralysed, Emma is a lively dog and loves to play outdoors on her own. Emma parents tried many wheelchairs including custom ones for her, but she doesn’t want anything to do with them. She has no idea she is “special” and manages well on her own.

Emma has always been very close to her dad and when he left, it broke her heart. When He came back after 6 months, Emma couldn’t control her joy and started “running” towards Daddy.

Amazing! Now where did I keep my bag of tissues?

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