“Holy shit, you’re the most accomplished stalker I’ve ever met.”
“It’s not stalking if you like it.”

― Aleksandr Voinov, Gold Digger

This is not the movies but the real life. If you grew up watching a lot of movies, you’d expect a date to happen at a lot of romantic locations as you slowly figure out the things that you have common – from John Green Novels to Ed Sheeran’s songs. But this is not the movies. This is the age of technology and you have your trusted servant Google and Facebook at your service. So just before your big first date, you have the urge to Stalk your date online. But apart from being fun, it’s never a good idea. It basically kills the chemistry and element of Surprise. Here is a fun video explaining why you shouldn’t stalk your date online. Start the indulgence.


Via: BuzzFeedVideo

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