Apple recently launched the iPhone 6S with some cool upgrades like Apple’s A9 chipset, upgraded RAM, better camera and 3D Touch. Design-wise however, it’s like its older sibling with nearly identical hand feel, albeit built with reinforced 7000 series aluminum. The Phones are great but they aren’t really cheap. Recently two men in China named Wu and Huang wanted to get the new IPhone so badly, they were ready to sell a Kidney!!!

Now, In case you want to buy an iPhone 6S and don’t want to sell your kidney, there is an alternate option for
you. You can sell your sperms (sorry ladies, this offer is exclusive to men only!). Sperm banks in China have
started advertising people to sell their sperms to get an iPhone. 2 of the biggest sperm banks in China recently
advertised on WeChat encouraging people. One of the Advertisement read – “You don’t need to give up a kidney to raise cash to buy an iPhone 6s as you can get enough money just by donating sperm!

Buy Iphone 6S by donating sperms


The Posts are very popular and have attracted more than half a million hits in just a couple of days! However, there is no actual number to say how many actually ended up donating their sperms and then buying iPhone from their Hard earned Cash

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