One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”

-Robert A. Heinlein

Breakfast around the World

They say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a nice breakfast gives you energy to last through the day. Now globally people eat different things for breakfast. A Few of them are fairly well known like the English breakfast – Sausages, bacon, eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, bread, black pudding and baked beans. But a few of them will surprise you.  So what are we waiting for, start the Indulgence. And Do order some food before we start because you are going to get very hungry.

1. Full English Breakfast

There are a few countries that do breakfast better than the British. The combination of both Sausages and bacon is an essential aspect of it. And then you have eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, black pudding and baked beans. And forget the toast, instead bring out the fried bread. Knocked back with a cup of tea.

Breakfast around the World - Full English Breakfast


2. Australian Breakfast

All you need for an Australian breakfast, my friend, is Vegemite. Traditional Australian breakfast is Vegemite with Toast. For those of you who don’t know what Vegemite is, it is a yeast extract mixed with veggies and spices. And don’t supplement it with Marmite, Vegemite is supposed to be better. And an Aussie would be really furious at me now, for saying those two names in one sentence!

Breakfast around the World - Australian Breakfast


3. Cuban Breakfast

Usually consists of tostada and cafe con leche.  The tostada is a portion of a unique Cuban bread which is first buttered,  then toasted on an electric grill. It is then cut into lengths to dunk in the coffee. Cafe con leche is a strong espresso coffee with warm milk which is the preferred choice.

Breakfast around the World - Cuban Breakfast


4. American Breakfast

I was torn between either a spread of fried eggs, bacon, toast and possibly potatoes or Home made thick pancakes with bacon, syrup and blueberries. Well, lets go for Pancakes.

Breakfast around the World - American Breakfast


5. German Breakfast

A Good traditional das Frühstück (breakfast) includes bread (Brot) or bread rolls(Brötchen) with various spreads and toppings such as Butter, Margarine (margarine), Marmelade (marmalade or other jam), Honig (honey) or Quark (a type of curd cheese). It is usually taken with cold cuts like cooked ham or dried sausage. All washed down with with a strong cup or pot of tea or coffee.

Breakfast around the World - German Breakfast


6. Israeli Breakfast

Fresh bread, a variety of hard and soft cheeses, fresh juice, olives, jam and butter. Yum

Breakfast around the World - Israeli Breakfast


7. Indian Breakfast

You have different varieties in different regions of India. Typically it includes roti (flatbread), dosa (in south india) along with variety of Chutney and curry. Idli and Sambar is a popular choice in South India. But my personal favorite is Aloo Paratha (stuffed bread with mashed potatoes) with Butter along with curd and pickles.

Breakfast around the World - Indian Breakfast


8. Canadian Breakfast

The traditional Canadian breakfast is pancakes with maple syrup along with sausages , ham and potatoes. Yum for maple syrup

Breakfast around the World - Canadian Breakfast


9. Moroccan Breakfast

Usually consists of wide range of Moroccan breads and pastries (betbout, memmen,mlawi ) with some chutney, jam, cheese or butter. Baghrir is a popular choice which is a cross between a pancake and a crumpet – flat and toasted on one side, and airy sponge on the other. Another popular variant is fried egg served in olive oil with a wedge of cream cheese and a couple of olives. It is usually followed by ‘jiben’ – soft and sour goats milk cheese that’s eaten on its own. And then to top it all green mint tea.

Breakfast around the World - Moroccan Breakfast


10. Portuguese Breakfast

Breakfast means sweets. Delecious.  In the simplest form, you can have any kind of pastry along with a hot drink. Toasts, sandwiches with jam, cheese or butter, a pastal de nata , bolo de arroz or stuffed croissants. Hot drink can be coffee, galão, a meia de leite, or plain milk.

Breakfast around the World - Portuguese Breakfast


11. Brazilian Breakfast

A typical Brazilian breakfast is quite light as lunch is considered to be the most important meal.  Coffee is most important part of the breakfast and is available in numerous varieties like black, pingado (black coffee with a little milk) , duplo (double espresso) or ormédia (half black coffee, half milk). Pão francês (french Roll) is quite common. It is usually accompanied by Fruits – lots of variety there. And finally you can have other local delicacies like pão de queijo (cheese rolls), cornbread, cold cuts, and tapioca.

Breakfast around the World - Brazilian Breakfast


12. Italian Breakfast

Simple and Sweet – cornetto and cappuccino. The Italian breakfast typically consists of coffee and some variant of bread like pastry or croissant. Cornetto is Italian term for croissant and is filled with cream, jam or chocolate. Other Breakfast combinations include focaccia Genovese taken with english tea or seadas (fried crepes with pecorino cheese and honey) which is quite popular in sardania region

Breakfast around the World - Italian Breakfast


13. Chinese Breakfast

Congee, a type of rice porridge, is a popular comfort food and breakfast item in China. It  is a mild-flavored rice porridge that is cooked until the rice begins to break down. It can be taken with  pickled vegetables, aduki beans, peanuts, tofu, or meats. Dim sum is also a popular choice and one which you can eat at a chinatown in any part of the World

Breakfast around the World - Chineese Breakfast


14. French Breakfast

Ah. le petit déjeuner. French people usually don’t like savoury breakfast and like to keep it light. A typical breakfast is simple – a plain croissant, pain au chocolat or a tartine (bread sliced lengthwise, with butter and jam) and café au lait (coffee with milk). These are usually take with fruit or juice. Simple and Perfect

Breakfast around the World - Italian Breakfast


15. Mexican Breakfast

A Traditional Mexican breakfast is spicy and colorful. Tortilla is the most common ingredient of a mexican breakfast. Common breakfast types include chilaquiles (corn tortillas cut into small squares, scrambled eggs, cheese and green or red chili) or huevos rancheros (tortillas, rice, beans, and sunny side uo eggs smothered in a spicy red sauce). These are usually taken with coffee or chocolate drink which is available in numerous varieties like café con leche (strong coffee with scalded milk), café negro (black coffee) or café de olla (added cinnamon, sugar, and other spices)

Breakfast around the World - Mexican Breakfast


16. Thai Breakfast

Best thing about a Thai food is that you can basically have the same stiff for Breakfast, lunch or dinner.  However ahaan chow, as the breakfast is called in Thailand, often contains rice based dish. The Common ones include Jok ( thick rice porridge enriched with poached shrimp, minced pork balls and raw egg cracked open in the middle) , Khao Tom (rice is cooked on its own first as opposed to Jok) or Tom lued moo ( different pork parts with pig’s blood).

Breakfast around the World - Mexican Breakfast


17. Spanish Breakfast

Another simple and light one. Desayuno, is typically very light and eaten early in the morning around 7. It is often followed by  a mid morning snack (Almuerzo) which is around 10 or 11 in the morning. I love the concept of light breakfast, just enough to get you up and running without overwhelming you. Pan con tomate  is a classical option. Just rub some thick toast (tostada) with fresh garlic and plenty of ripe tomato, then drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, cracked black pepper and salt. Top it up with cheese, ham or sausage if you need some extra juice. Another popular option is churros – long strings of fried dough , sprinkled with sugar and served with thick hot chocolate. Coffee is the most common breakfast beverage with café con leche (espresso with milkgenerally preferred.

Breakfast around the World - Spanish Breakfast


18. Egyptian Breakfast

Legumes like beans and lentils form an integral part of Egyptian breakfast  along with other vegetables like onions. A common breakfast option is Ful medammes. It’s made from fava beans and chickpeas marinated in lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil.  For Breakfast, it is served with  pita bread slices, onions with some pickled vegetables , fresh rocket leaves  and some hard boiled eggs.

Breakfast around the World - Egyptian Breakfast


19. Dutch Breakfast

A Typical Dutch breakfast contains plenty of whole grain bread, Dutch farm cheese, coffee and fresh juice. Popular Breakfast options include Beschuit (round rusks), buttered ontbijtkoek (spiced breakfast cake) and currant buns with cheese. Bread along with butter is commonly sprinkled with Hagelslag (chocolate, aniseed or fruit sprinkles) or Vlokken. Other bread toppings include cheese or  Pindakaas (peanut cheese)

Breakfast around the World - Dutch Breakfast


20. Turkish Breakfast

Unlike some other countries in this list, breakfast is considered very important in Turkey. Kahvaltı (Breakfast) in Turkey is filling and delicious that will leave all your culinary senses satisfied. Essential elements in the breakfast include Bread (ekmek – standard sourdough  white bread), butter, jam and/or honey,  fresh cheese like feta and kashkaval, black and/or green olives (zeytin), tomatoes, cucumber and omlette or boiled eggs  (yumurta). And For beverage, you have the traditional turkish tea, brewed super strong.

Breakfast around the World - Turkish Breakfast


21. Bahamian Breakfast

The Core of Breakfast in Bahamas is grits (dried ground hominy, or corn). Anything else is a bonus. Usually on the plate, you have sardines, corned beef, tuna and mackerel .All that is washed down with tea or coffee fortified with generous servings of sugar and cream.

Breakfast around the World - Bahamian Breakfast


22. Venezuelan Breakfast

The common Venezuelan breakfast include Empenadas (little pastries filled with fresh cheese, minced meat or any combination of veggies and beans) or Arepas (corncake, cooked on a griddle – either plain or  filled with butter and salty cheese).

Breakfast around the World - Venezuelan Breakfast


23. Russian Breakfast

A Russian breakfast will include protein such as eggs, sausage, cold cuts and cheese.  Bread plays a very important role in the Russian breakfast.Kasha ( porridge made from a variety of grains)  and butterbrots (single bread slice topped with  butter or ham) are very popular choice for breakfast. Apart from these, Russian pancakes (blini or oladyi) are also a common choice served with butter and sour cream, jam, or caviar.

Breakfast around the World - Russian Breakfast


Keep in mind die to vast cultural differences, breakfast within a country can vary too. I have tried to do the best possible option based on my personal visits and research. What do you think about the List. Let me know in the comments.

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