A good pickup line is hard to come by and at the worst, the girl will have to give the guy credit for thinking that up and at least making the first move. The Pickup line are used across the world but It is not entirely same in our India? What is a Good Pick up line? A good pick up line is one that may not get you the digits, but you won’t end with her hand print (or chappal print!!!) across your cheek. How much cheese should the pick up line have? Too cheesy and you might end up with a slap and a lame one will be laughed upon. In our books, the winning pickup lines are just cheesy enough to actually break the ice.

To test the Best Pickup lines in India, folks over at WeAreMythBusters decided to take a walk around the Mumbai and ask the girls and boys themselves whether picking up girls in India work, whether pick up lines in India work.



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