The dog has got more fun out of man than man has got out of the dog, for man is the more laughable of the two
– James Thurber

Dogs and humans share a very special bond which is nearly impossible to express in words. This is one such story. Eugene Bostick is an 80-year-old retiree living in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. It was after his retirement that he took the most important job of his life – operating the coolest adventure train in the world. What makes this train special is that it is for the rescued strays who get to go for fun rides in the neighborhood.

Adventure train for rescue dogs

Tiffany Johnson

Adventure train for rescue dogs


It was the cold heartiness of other people that led Eugene on this journey. Eugene along with his brother Corky, 86, lives on the dead end of a street where people often come and leave their dogs to starve. Eugene and Corky adopted the dogs and starting taking care of them. Initially, Eugene used to take the dogs out on his tractor but soon there wasn’t enough room as more and more dogs showed up. One day, he got the idea to build a train for the dogs by seeing a similar design used for carrying rocks. So he took some empty plastic barrels, cut some holes in them, tied them together, put wheels under them and finally hooked the entire thing to his tractor! Amazing.

Adventure train for rescue dogs

Watch this Amazing train in action below

Via: TheDodo AR White

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