The moment you enter the poor age of marriage, you start getting all kinds of advice and ideas from auntyjis in your neighborhood to the ones settled abroad. And all thanks to video calling, the ones who are far away are not far anymore, especially when it comes to giving their precious advice about getting married.Many of them even know who you should marry and if given a chance, they will even take out the dates and get the venue for your marriage. Irrespective of whether you want their advice or not, they are always ready for social service and they think it’s their birth right.

These are the seven most common and annoying pieces of advice we don’t want to hear anymore.

1. It’s just the right age for you to get married.

So these auntyjees think that the  moment you are 18 or 21, you should get married. They don’t even think any other criteria or priorities like liking someone or your career priorities even exist.



2. You can look far better.

They think they are magicians and have all the knowledge to make you look better. They will start sharing their formulas which according to them have worked wonders on skin or body or hair.

your Hometown auntyjis will ask

3. It’ high time you get into shape.

These auntyjees think they know the best for you and have all the right to comment on your figure and physique. You should look that Mr. or Ms. perfect in their eyes.


4. I know who is perfect for you.

They would even claim they know who is best for you. No matter how they look, what they do or whether you even care about it or not.

Aunty and Marriages


5. Start talking softly.

This advice comes especially for girls. If you are not speaking super soft, you better learn it ASAP.



6. You better learn to cook aloo gobhi and round chapatais.

They think all you need in this world is to cook aloo gobhi and round chapatis. If you don’t know this, it’s the end of world.



7. Start saving money.

So now that they have found the perfect match for you and almost got you married, you betterv save money for your future.

Haaiiii, nazar na lgae…….. Jite raho…..Happy Marriage !! 😉 😛




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