Divorce is a fact of Life. However, for a little kid, it’s a very harrowing experience. Often, Parents have to sit together with kids and explain it  nicely when they break the news. But this little girl, does not need anything from her parents. Instead, she is explaining to her mom why is it important for her to stay friends with Dad even after divorce. This little girl’s parent were having an argument and were not stopping. when this little girl Tiana heard that her mom was having an argument with her dad, she spoke words of wisdom. And they were so sweetly spoken that it brought her mom into tears. And it’s not just her but almost everyone who hears it or watches this video, cannot stop their tears. but nearly everyone who hears her. She started asking her mom if she is ready to be her dad’s friend. Best lines were when she said “I’m trying to do my best in my heart, nothing else than that. I want you Mom, my Dad, everyone to be friends. I want everyone to be smiling.”

Watch this sweet little girl talk in this video

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If everyone thought like this little girl, the world would be a better place 🙂

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