Working Late Night Shifts

There have been numerous studies in reputed journals which show that people working graveyard shifts are more likely to have health hazards. Some of us cannot escape the night shift and have to work through nights. We are listing things that happen to people working on Graveyard shift in our own special way. So Sit back and start the Indulgence.

1. You are caught in the Vicious Cycle of Work and Sleep. After you finish work, you go to sleep. By the time you get up, it’s time for Work again.

Working at Graveyard Shift


2. You’re never really asleep… and you’re never really awake.

Insomnia : Effects of Working the Graveyard Shift


3. You have a non-existent Social Life.

No Social Life


4. Your parents have stopped asking you what time you’ll come home

Working Late Nights


5. You have become a fanof Hard Rock and Metal as that is the only thing that can keep you awake
Working at Graveyard Shift


6. You have more coffee than blood in your veins

Coffee Drinkers


7. You know all the restaurants that deliver at 2.a.m and are on a first name basis with the  delivery guy

Late Night Pizza Delivery


8. You often have the creepy feeling that there is someone else or something else besides you in the office

Haunted Office


9. You have developed Dark circles and bags under your eyes

Working at Graveyard Shift


10. You miss all the birthday parties because you are always working at that time


11. When you see tweets and status updates from people about Friday, you are like:

People working at late night shifts


12. Sleeping during the daytime is really difficult when the whole world is awake.
Sleeping at day time


13. You know that you have now become a Night owl and there is no escape!

Working at Night Shift


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